Myriad Sunday Brunch

A brunch with Mediterranean flavours, of Portuguese character, with high quality, seasonal products, worked in a simple way, maintaining its authenticity and flavour ... always with a contemporary twist.

Hours: 1pm - 3:30pm

Live music from 3pm

  • 58 per person without drinks
  • Children between five and twelve years old: €24.50 (drinks included) and free for children under four
  • 2 beverage supplements to choose from:

    • Wellbeing Supplement:

      • Pinneaple mint; orange and carrot smoothie; Virgin orange and basil mojito
        € 9 per person

    • Divai Selection Pairing Supplement:
      • DIVAI Reserva Red Wine, DIVAI White Wine, DIVAI Sparkling Wine
        € 14 per person
  • Valet Parking included

  • Advance booking is recommended


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