With this training you will feel like you’re up in the clouds...

That’s because you’ll be really close to them.

At Myriad everything is exclusive, even the Personal Trainer. Have your training sessions in a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy the luxury of the spa, the unique conditions of the changing rooms and a team of highly experienced and qualified Personal Trainers. Everything to feel like you’re in heaven. Or close to it. 

1 Personal Trainer Session (with access to the SPA dressing rooms) = € 100

 10 sessions Pack: 

  • Includes 10 training sessions
  • 1 Full-day spa access voucher
  • 1 Localised massage (45 minutes)
  • Access to the spa dressing rooms 

    Exceptional rate for access to the spa during the validity of the package = € 25 per day

    Value of the 10 Sessions Package = € 900

This offer does not accumulate with other ongoing promotions.

The Hotel reserves itself the right to change or discontinue this programme without prior notice.